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Nightingale floors in temples and castles

Nightingale floors are just one of those incredible inventions of Japanese craftsmen, which you will only truly appreciate when you know their function. If you’ve been to Japan before, you might have noticed …

10 historic places to visit in Kyoto


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kintsugi bowl

Kintsugi: fix broken pottery with gold

Did you ever break something? Maybe when you were little, knocking over grandma’s favorite vase? Oops. Although your grandma probably (hopefully) liked you more than the vase, you could throw …

Sushi cupcakes

DIY Crystal Maiamai from the Legend of Zelda


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D visual kei

Rock. Symphonic. Creative. Mysterious. Enveloping. Visual kei. Solid. Metal. Dark. Awesome! Just a few words that come to mind while thinking about this band. And I seriously can-not-believe that I …

Ganglion band



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shiba inu ceramics from tetsuya iseda

Shiba Inu ceramics are too adorable!

Shiba Inu ceramics really exist! And they’re as adorable and cute as you can probably imagine. Succulent pots, vases, cups plates…. Artist Tetsuya Iseda can create almost anything in the …

Japanese leaf art takes over Instagram

Hand-made cat bags