D visual kei

Rock. Symphonic. Creative. Mysterious. Enveloping. Visual kei. Solid. Metal. Dark. Awesome! Just a few words that come to mind while thinking about this band. And I seriously can-not-believe that I …

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ganglion band japan

Ganglion band

This power quartet was a nice surprise! Since all-girl bands are not that easy to find in the visual kei genre I was happy to find Ganglion, an all-female band …

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tokyo christmas lights shinodome

Tokyo christmas lights

I often get the question as to when you should travel to Japan: summer, spring, winter, autumn? There is no ‘correct’ answer to that question, since it really doesn’t matter …

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rilakkuma sofa

Rilakkuma sofa bed

Well, I guess it isn’t hard to see what this post is going to be about. Yes, these women are sitting on a giant Rilakkuma sofa bed! You can actually …

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nightmare band japan


I know I said I would first write about a few pop and rockbands I have been listening to before switching back to the visual kei style. However, I just can’t …

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