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Kintsugi: fix broken pottery with gold

kintsugi bowl

Did you ever break something? Maybe when you were little, knocking over grandma’s favorite vase? Oops. Although your grandma probably (hopefully) liked you more than the vase, you could throw it away. Not in Japan! There broken pottery is a real form of art.  Credit: PD-Japan-oldphoto Although you’ll have to glue it together again first. […]

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Sushi cupcakes

sushi cupcakes tutorial

Hmm, sushi. You’ve got tons of different flavors and just as many ways to present the yummy food, but have you ever thought about sushi without fish? Okay, maybe with the fish, but made from candy? The sushi above are actually made of sweets! Mini cupcakes to be exact, with sweet frosting, shredded coconut and […]

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DIY Crystal Maiamai from the Legend of Zelda

diy crystal miamai

Everyone who owns a game console probably has heard of Zelda (and if you don’t, buy one of the games right now!). The games are adventure-style, but have enough action, puzzles and RPG-elements that will appeal to most gamers. Also, the game has some unique creatures that are specially created for this game. Like the […]

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Origami butterfly 3D

origami butterfly 3d

Modular origami, or as it’s also called: 3D origami. Instead of folding one piece of paper you use hundreds of small pieces, and you assemble them together to get a figure. The possibilities are endless. I’ve seen flowers, animals, tables and vases created from hundreds of pieces. Credit: DaisyvS In this tutorial you won’t need […]

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Origami paper stars

origami paper stars tutorial

As a fan of Japan, I also like to create things with origami. Origami is one of my favorites because you can create almost any shape if you keep folding. A flower or a whole bouquet, maybe a dragon? You can make it as big and as complicated as you like.  Credit: demi-a-lily A very […]

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DIY tea bag holder cookie

diy cookie bag holder

Besides searching for stuff you can buy in Japan, I also look for things I can create myself that look like they came from Japan. I’m a huge fan of tea, so when I saw this adorable cookie tea bag holder I just had to create one myself. And with the clear instructions in the […]

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