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Sakura pencil

sakura pencils from japan

Time to upgrade your desk! After the magic sakura tree you might already have the Japanese spring in your office or home all year long, buy hey, why not do more? A sakura pencil is a great addition to any desk and it makes cherry blossom petals fall all year round. Photo credits: Hiroaki Doi  The […]

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Magic sakura tree (desk-size!)


Now I’m working at an office I somehow always end up searching for Japanese accessories to put on my desk. Bringing in a bit of Japan keeps the office creative and interesting right? You can imagine how happy I was when I found the Magic Sakura tree, a miniature sakura tree which you can grow […]

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Hand-made cat bags

Aw, what a cute kitty! Oh, wait, what? It’s a bag? A housewife in Japan creates handbags that look and feel exactly like a real cat. Only these cats have a zipper in their backs. Meet Pico, the artist behind the collection of cute felines.  All credits: picopoco08 Pico makes each item by hand, which […]

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Hamuco hamsters – adorable miniature hamsters

hamuco hamsters japan

This literally screams kawaii to me. These adorable miniature hamsters on mushrooms are tiny sculptures that are created by hand. Nakano Yoshi-ho crafts these tiny hamsters from scratch. Get ready for an overdose of cuteness! All credits: Hamuco Nakano Yoshi-ho creates the base for the sculptures from white resin. After the resin figures are dry […]

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Rilakkuma sofa bed

rilakkuma sofa

Well, I guess it isn’t hard to see what this post is going to be about. Yes, these women are sitting on a giant Rilakkuma sofa bed! You can actually buy one of these to use as a couch and bed, how crazy is that? I bet everyone would want to come over if you […]

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Japanese flip books

You might remember the time you used to draw a little stickman on post-its and flip through them to create a story. Well, you can see these Japanese flip books as a 4.0 version of your little stickman.  Credits:Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo These fun little flip books are made in Japan by Mou Hitotsu no […]

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AFlowerInJapan is (of course) a website about everything related to Japan.

If you're looking for cool places to travel to (Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagasaki and Kyoto are high on my own list), delicious things to eat (sushi cupcakes anyone?) or if you're just looking for J-Rock or Visual Kei, I'm collecting it all in this blog. Also, I've a knack for kawaii stuff so if you know a product I just have to know about, send me an email ;-) !

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