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D visual kei


Rock. Symphonic. Creative. Mysterious. Enveloping. Visual kei. Solid. Metal. Dark. Awesome! Just a few words that come to mind while thinking about this band. And I seriously can-not-believe that I haven’t heard of them sooner, since they’ve been around for quite some time now. Meet D, a visual kei-band which mashes genres in an original […]

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Ganglion band

ganglion band japan

This power quartet was a nice surprise! Since all-girl bands are not that easy to find in the visual kei genre I was happy to find Ganglion, an all-female band with (for me) definitely a visual kei flavor. Check their songs and hopefully you’ll agree with me at the end of my article: they rock! […]

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nightmare band japan

I know I said I would first write about a few pop and rockbands I have been listening to before switching back to the visual kei style. However, I just can’t ignore Nightmare, a band in Japan which has been one of my favorites to listen to for a few years now.  Credit: Nightmare band Japan […]

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stereopony band japan

After writing about so many visual kei bands already, I thought it would be a great time to put down a few of the Japanese rock- and popbands I’ve been listening to. Stereopony is one of them and yes, it’s an all-female poprockband.  Credit: Ookami 87 Stereopony was formed in 2007 in Okinawa and consisted […]

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LM.C band japan

You might have heard from them already if you watch anime: Their songs Boys and Girls and 88 are both used as opening themes for the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn! I’m talking about LM.C, a visual kei rockband that likes to mix popmusic with electronic rock, combining it to ‘new century electro rock’ as they […]

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Royz is also one of those shiny gems which (in my case) you’ll only find as a Westerner if you hang around on YouTube a lot. Thank you YouTube for the suggested videos! I came across their song Noah and that song immediately ended up on my shortlist, so here are my reasons for listening to […]

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