Royz is one of those great finds which (in my case) you’ll only stumble upon as a Westerner if you’re on YouTube a lot. Thank you YouTube for the suggested …

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I stumbled upon DIV when I was listening to D=OUT on Youtube (can´t live without it), and their song Seasons immediately got to me. One dive in their playlist and …

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d=out japanese band


  In the visual kei scene it’s sometimes hard to find the few bands that suit your tastes. The different styles in visual kei, with bands close to pop-rock (An …

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monolith band


With many bands in the visual kei genre it’s sometimes hard to figure out which bands are worth listening to and which ones are your style. One of the bands …

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wagakki band head

Wagakki band

The koto, shakuhachi and tsugaru shamisen are old Japanese instruments. While the shakuhachi was used by the ’emptiness monks’ as a spirit tool, the koto was widely used in court …

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sid japanese band cover


When you think about music and Japan, you’ll probably either think of pop bands like AKB0048 or the complete opposite: visual kei-bands like The Gazette (more on those two in …

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