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Personalized trips to Japan

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Hi there! I made this part of the website to create and combine personalized trips to Japan. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, and Japan has so much to offer that it will be a challenge to find a great trip that covers everything you like. But I will try to provide just that!  Credit: […]

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What you’ll find here

AFlowerInJapan is (of course) a website about everything related to Japan.

If you're looking for cool places to travel to (Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagasaki and Kyoto are high on my own list), delicious things to eat (sushi cupcakes anyone?) or if you're just looking for J-Rock or Visual Kei, I'm collecting it all in this blog. Also, I've a knack for kawaii stuff so if you know a product I just have to know about, send me an email ;-) !

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