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Robot restaurant Tokyo – The crazy must-see show

Robot restaurant Tokyo Shinjuku

Robot restaurant Tokyo…. wait, what? Everybody calls this establishment a restaurant, but it’s actually much more than that. Or rather, eating there is actually the tiniest part of the reason why you should go there. What it is? A completely wacky, crazy, over-the-top robot- dinosaur-cabaret-dancing and music act. Credits: Cory Doctorow Rumours has it that […]

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Tokyo christmas lights

tokyo christmas lights shinodome

I often get the question as to when you should travel to Japan: summer, spring, winter, autumn? There is no ‘correct’ answer to that question, since it really doesn’t matter what time of the year you visit Japan. All seasons have their charm, but during winter the cities are beautifully illuminated.  Credit: Kakidai Take Tokyo […]

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Pokémon airplane – gotta catch em all!

Let your inner child guide you on a flight with All Nippon Airways! Besides the themed airplanes of Hello Kitty and Star Wars, of course they had to have a few Pokéjets. One of the most famous tv-series ever made on this planet was converted into a flight-experience. Fasten your seatbelts and catch em all! […]

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Animal lollipops that are pieces of art

Have you ever seen candy that was too beautiful to eat? Hmm, I sure hadn’t before I saw the pieces of art Shinri Tezuka makes. These lollipops are just so amazing you would display them in a museum or something rather than eating them. Credit: Shinri Tezuka Shinri Tezuka created these pieces of art using and […]

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Zauo restaurant – a real fishing restaurant!

If I go to Japan, I want to taste the most delicious sushi ever! Not like the convenience crap I have at home. Ever thought like that? Can’t blame you, I’m the same. But the sushi at this restaurant is so fresh, it’s still alive when you enter the restaurant. And if you want it, […]

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Narita airport running tracks!

narita airport running track

The Narita airport running track? Ehm… come again? There I go again with the ‘only in Japan’-stuff, but it’s true. This airport seems to know exactly how you feel when you’re running to catch a flight: they’ve built a running track within the terminal!  Credits: Rsa Weird but true. To prepare for the 2020 Olympics […]

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