Eshima Ohashi Bridge

Whoah, it looks like we’re going straight up a mountain here! Meet the Eshima Ohashi bridge in Japan, a bridge who has the adorable nickname ‘rollercoaster bridge’ in England and …

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Cat conductor Japan

Only in Japan: a cat as a train conductor! By now I shouldn’t be surprised anymore about all the crazy stuff that happens in Japan, but a cat conductor (or station …

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batman symbol japan okinawa

Batman symbol Japan

Whoah, we found the batcave! Finally after all those years we know where our blackwinged hero with awesome ride resides… Okay, not, but who on earth lives here then? Try …

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rabbit island japan

Rabbit Island

When you visit Japan you can’t not go to one of the bizarre ‘animal-attractions’ they have there. And with bizarre I mean things like a fox village, capybara hot springs or …

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fox village japan zao

Fox village Japan

Okay, I had heard of the amazing cat island and the cute bunny and deer villages (yes, more on those later on), but the mysterious fox village was new to …

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