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Turtle taxi service

Normally taxi drivers will take you to your destination as fast as they can. Unless… you especially request a slow ride. Wait, what? Yes, there’s a turtle taxi service in Japan. ‘A relaxed ride please!’

Credit: HotOddity

If you’re not in a hurry and would like to enjoy the scenery for a bit you can request a slow ride in the Turtle Taxi. These taxi’s have an extra button inside. If you push the button, a musical chime will sound and the driver will see a plastic image of a turtle. This will remind him to drive slowly and accelerate and decelerate as gently as possible, creating a leisurely ride for you. They also pay attention not to take any sharp turns.


Credit: HotOddity

Turtle taxi Japan

Okay, so who would want a taxi that will drive slow deliberately? Well, apparently a lot of people, because the company who has created the service saw requests rise steadily the last few years. They notice the turtle taxi’s are incredible popular with the elderly, mothers with young children and tourists who use the taxi’s for sightseeing.


Credit: HotOddity

Where to find the turtle taxi’s?

The turtle taxi service was created by the Sanwa Kotsu Group, who build the turtle-button in 10 of the 500 taxi’s they owned. In 2013 they only drove around in Yokohama, but because the service has become so popular they will be implemented in all their taxi’s. The service will also extend to Tokyo, Saitama and Kanagawa.

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