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If you are the owner of a Japanese product you would like to get promoted or you are promoting a Japanese brand, please do not hesitate to contact me. I love writing reviews about products, be it food, writing utensils, fluffy plushies or cd’s for example.

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And if you are wondering about the cost… there is none! Since AFlowerInJapan is not around for that long the amount of visitors have been steadily rising to a few hundred a week right now, with a recent article about hamster statues going viral, gaining more than 20.000 visitors in one week all of a sudden! The website is still in a start-up fase, although I will keep expanding the content on the website to gain more returning visitors.

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Since I have a focus on writing SEO – content, you can be assured an article about your product will rank high in Google. The only thing I would like to get in return is the product itself to review it. So the only thing you need to do is send me the product. If you are interesting in a review, you can send me a message at:

I will post anything that is interesting regarding Japan. Any relevant links to other websites will be placed at my discretion or in consultation.