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Cat marshmallows


Japan is known for its beautiful nature, interesting clothing and technology, but they also have great taste when it comes to food presentation. They know how to present something ordinary as something you just have to have, like these cat marshmallows!

Credit: yawahada

Great idea: why not change the fluffy sweetness into something that does not only taste good, but is enjoyable to look at as well? With these sweets you will probably try and find excuses to get more coffee and tea, just so you can put another one in your cup. And let’s be honest: these marshmallows look so much more interesting than cube sugar right?


Credit: yawahada

Cat marshmallows

These cat marshmallows can be eaten like normal marshmallows, or you can (I really recommend it) put them in your coffee, tea or other hot drink you have. Watch them melt a little and wait until the marshmallows enrich the taste of your drink. The marshmallows come in three different flavors: vanilla (great with coffee and tea), earl grey (tea) and chocolate (very good with coffee). You can buy them at the Yawahada marshmallow shop for 850 Yen, which is about 7/8 dollars.


Credit: yawahada

Kitty paws

And of course the set wouldn’t be complete without the kitty paws! You can buy the paws seperately from the cats or together in a box. The Cafe Cat Set (7/8 dollars) comes with two cats and four paws and is a nice set to start with. If you want to taste all three flavors then the Calico Cat Box Set Classic with six paws (around 6 dollars) might be more to your taste.

Limited quantities

The cat marshmallows and kitty paws are being prepared in limited quantities, so you’ll have to keep an eye on their website to see when they are selling a new batch of sweets. Are you travelling to Japan? Then they are willing to send your order to the hotel you’re staying at. Read their terms and conditions on their website (Yawahada).

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