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Moon lamp by Nosigner

moon lamp by nosigner

Maybe you were one of those people who, when they were kids, plastered glow in the dark stars and moons on your ceiling so you would have a ‘real’ sky at night (and stay awake way too long of course to look at them). Japanese design-team Nosigner thought of a lamp that looks like a real moon.

Credits: Nosigner

Moon lamp by Nosigner

The Moon lamp was inspired by the Supermoon, a lunar occurance that happened in 2011. Back then it looked like the moon was bigger and brighter, and made the people of Japan believe that they could rebuild what they had lost in the earthquake and the tsunami that had occured one week before.

Credits: Nosigner

Realistic moon lamp

The moon lamp was created based on images of one of the Japanese spacecrafts: Kaguya. This makes the lamp much like a miniature version of the real moon!  The LED- lamp also has a bright white shine with a light blueish touch, much like our moon in the sky. If I can find out where they sell them I’ll definitely get it.

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