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Japanese leaf art takes over Instagram

japanese leaf art heart shape

Japanese leaf art is one of those things you never knew you needed until you saw it. It appears autumn is a great way for the Japanese to showcase their creativity and amazing artistic skills. Locals across the country just randomly cheer up the streets with this temporary form of art. There is even a special name for it: Ochiba, or fallen leaf art as it is roughly translated.


Japanese leaf art, or Ochiba as it is called in Japanese, has taken the social media accounts by storm, with locals from Japan as well as visitors from all over the world snapping beautiful foto’s for their Facebook- and Instagramfeeds. The vibrant colored fallen leaves help create all kinds of images, from crescent moon-shapes to a few of Japan’s most populair characters like Hello Kitty and Pikachu. While some of the designs seemed to be made up on the spot (already beautiful), others have taken the leaves inside to show off their decoration skills, with fire-breathing dragons and autumn (krans).

Heart-shaped leaf art

While there are all kinds of Japanese leaf art popping up on social media, there is one shape that definitely stands out: the hearts. From hearts created from negative space to hearts created from virbant colors like light-green and pink, these creations have the upperhand. One can only imagine how many more will appear on Valetine’s Day and perhaps even White Day?

DIY a rose-bouquet with fallen leaves

But why stop at the fallen leaf art? Some people brought the concept to a new level by creating entire bouquets from fallen leaves. While this might sound strange and even silly (I mean, who would want a brown and orange-bouquet made from dead leaves?) when you see the actual thing you can only stop and stare. Or eh, create one yourself? I found a few inspirational tutorials on Youtube where you can see how you can easily create a flower bouquet by yourself.

Japanese leaf art inspiration

Well, without further ado, here are just a few of the amazing examples of fallen leaf art found on Instagram. It was incredibly hard to choose, but I couldn’t miss out on the adorable Winnie the Pooh bear on the pavement and the most famous anime-character of all times: Pikachu. Still, besides the amazing figures the use of all the autumn colors in the color spectrum also scored high points on my list. Which one is your favorite?

Like what you see? Visit the art-inspiration page for more incredible Japanese forms of art!

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