Dear reader, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I’m Daisy, living in Holland (The Netherlands) and I’m currently working as an editor for a cosmetics company. I write articles about cosmetics on a daily basis and have a lot of fun doing so. I am a slightly chaotic, creative squirrel who likes to try things she has never seen, done or made before. Creating a sculpture of cd’s? Why not? Listen to classic music or techno? I believe I have to try it to judge it, so yeah, both!  Going abroad? Yes! (the squirrely-part: I like to collect things from the places I travel to, just so you know). I’ve travelled a lot within Europe and have been to the US, but really, really can’t wait until I’m finally able to go to.. Japan.

Credits: ThorstenS

A big fan of (obviously)

It probably isn’t hard to guess that I’m a huge fan of the country, for many, many years now. It all started with a colleague who was listening to some ‘strange’ music (a Japanese rockband called Believe in Style, maybe you’ve heard of them). After listening to their album I downloaded just about everthing I could find (rock, pop or something else didn’t matter) and the music library on my computer was overtaken by ‘all things Asian’.

Music, series, and everything else…

And then the drama series came into view (literally). As I watched them I saw so many cool places and so many funny differences between the Japanese culture and mine that I just had to go and see it for myself. Only one problem… I live on the other side of the world! I had to have a little patience before I could go there, but in the mean time, why not collect the fun places and cities before I go myself?

Observer (until…)

So this blog is, I’m afraid, of someone who’s just an observer from afar right now. I created this blog to prepare for my travels to Japan, so you can be sure that what I write about here isn’t made up or anything. I want to go there myself, so why would I 😉 ?

What you can read here

And now of course the big question: what’s this blog all about? Japan (of course), but I want to create a nice balance between fun places to go to, historical buildings you just have to see, delicious food you have to try, the coolest shops and restaurants and interesting fashion and music. My aim is to make this blog as complete as possible, so if you have any tips or things I have to look into, send me an email!

Behind the name

Maybe (I hope so) you are interested in the name of the website. You might have realised the ‘flower’-part is about me (no arrogance here intended 😉 ). ‘Daisy’ is the name of a flower, so I thought it would be an interesting combination with ‘Japan’. And since I am certainly going there soon…

Enjoy reading and hanging around here,