Create your own hamster bread

Create your own hamster bread

Is it edible? Check. Does it look adorable? Double-check. And can you make this yourself? Also check! While looking at a few DIY channels on Youtube, I came across this fun channel of KinnyTV. She is a Korean woman who makes the most incredible food animals. And I hear you thinking ‘but this is not Japanese!’ I know. However, following my article on miniature hamsters, there was a discussion on Reddit going on about whether or not you could eat them (I would certainly not recommend that). However, I see this video as the perfect solution for people who wish to recreate the miniature hamsters as edible eh, snacks?

Credit: KinnyTV

KinnyTV is a fun Youtube channel where she creates all kinds of sculptures out of food. One of my favorites is the rice clay and bean paste bulbasaur, although the Roman sculpture out of Oreo’s is a close second. Please check her channel and subscribe for more great food video’s.


Now, back to the hamsters! Below is an easy tutorial from KinnyTV which will explain how to make these little creatures. Since she did not record her video’s in English, one of her subscribers was kind enough to translate the steps (thank you very much kissing88!). What you need:

  • Gelatin
  • Corn syrup
  • Sugar powder
  • CMC powder (Tylose)
  • Eggs
  • Shortening (lard)
  • Mochi (you can replace this with other filling)
  • Yellow cheese powder
  • Mixing bowl
  • Pan
  • Spatula
  • Cutting board

You can find all these ingredients in the supermarket and a store for cake supplies. I got the CMS powder and shortening in a cake shop for example. I bought the cheese powder in a spice shop.

Credit: KinnyTV

To create the dough

To create the dough, these are the step you’ll need to take:

  • Put a pan on the stove on medium heat.
  • Mix the water with the gelatin in a different pan (this can be powder or leaves, whatever you have available).
  • Put the pan with the gelatin on top of the pan with heated water to gently dissolve it. She does not say specific measurements in the video, but you can see the mixture needs to be completely free of clumps. It’s better to pour little amounts of water each time instead of too much water at once.
  • Mix in corn syrup with the molten gelatin mixture to thicken it. Let it cool down a bit.
  • In a large mixing bowl, mix sugar powder and CMC powder together.
  • Make a little well in the middle of the mixed powders and add egg white to there. Mix well.
  • Add and mix in the molten gelatin solution (which has cooled a bit) to the mixing bowl.
  • Rub shortening (lard) onto the hands like applying handcream and massage into the mix with your hands.
  • Allow to rest for 1 day to complete your dough.

Credit: KinnyTV

Time to decorate

Although some might say the difficult part if over, others will look at this step with only one question in mind: ‘I want to, but will it look like a hamster in the end’? First things first:

  • Get some mochi and wrap the dough around it.
  • Shape it like a Hamster (as shown in video). Make sure you get the ears and the little paws, then you’re already halfway.
  • Wet some Yellow Cheese Powder and brush onto the hamster like you are water-painting. You can create the fur color with this as a base.
  • Dust some of the dry cheese powder on top to make it look like actual fur.
  • Add a finishing touch by dusting some sugar powder for decoration. It also gives the hamster a bit more shine, which makes it even cuter.
  • And you’re done!

Time to eat!

You’ve done your best to create this beautiful snack, so now it’s time to eat! It honestly looks a bit sad like this, with it’s body cut in half… but it’s food so… enjoy. And if you don’t have any mochi on hand, you can also replace it with another filling. Please keep in mind that the filling should match the dough in terms of taste. You did put cheese powder on top, so look for a filling that complements that flavor.

Looking for more fun DIY inspiration? DIY tea bag holdercookie and Origami butterfly will take your sculpting and origami skills to the next level. Enjoy crafting!

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