DIY Crystal Maiamai from the Legend of Zelda

DIY Crystal Maiamai from the Legend of Zelda

Everyone who owns a game console probably has heard of Zelda (and if you don’t, buy one of the games right now!). The games are adventure-style, but have enough action, puzzles and RPG-elements that will appeal to most gamers. Also, the game has some unique creatures that are specially created for this game. Like the maiamai. 

Credit: DaisyvS

The what? You’ll probably break your tongue the first three times trying to speak that word out loud, but that’s what those funny toad-like figures are called. They appear in the game Zelda: A link between two worlds and you’ll find them during your adventures. How fun would it be to recreate them in real life? Below is an easy tutorial from Maqaroon which will explain how to make these little creatures.

What you need

These are not exctly the same things she uses in the video, but she does advise different clay for example, so I’ve included the ‘easier to use’ clay and such.

You can find all these in a crafting store, and if you buy beads and crush them you won’t need the Swarovski crystals. You might also find interesting small jewels with in the nail polish section in the normal stores, just check it out!

Credit: Maqaroon

Colored clay

First you’ll need to mix the polymer clay until you have the same colours as Maqaroon shows in the video. Ploymer clay doesn’t dry as fast as her Modena clay, so you won’t need to wrap it in clingfilm. Break off a piece of the light blue clay and the light purple one and roll them into strips. Twist them together to create a marble colour. Then take a piece of lilac clay and attach it to one end, to form a sort of hat. Roll them again to marble the colours.

Maiamai shells

Flatten the roll with your fingers so you can split the roll in half with your knife. Roll them a little and then squish them so you get short, thick sticks. You can roll those into Maiamai-shells. The first layer should be blue and the second (top) layer should be lilac. The tip is slightly more lilac.

maiamai legend of zelda

Credit: Maqaroon

Body Maiamai

Create the body from light pink clay. Roll it into a ball and flatten it a little, so you’ll get something that looks like a cube with round edges. Attach the arms to the side and press them down a little with your knife so they stick better. Shop off the top of the head to create a flat surface, on which you can glue the head. You can add eyes with black acrylic paint or black polymer clay. If you used polymer clay now is the right time to put it in the oven (for baking instructions see the package).


Grab your Swarovski crystal crush or crushed beads and pick out all the blue and lilac crystals. A few white, light green or light pink will also do. Paint the shell of the maiamai with PVC glue or mod podge (which dries colourless) and dab it into the crystals. Also put glue between the crystals so they stick. After the glue dries you’re done! Now create a hundred!

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    • Hi Michelina,

      Maybe Maqaroon from the video also sells them, she has her own Etsy shop and website where she sells jewelery. And most Etsy shops also take requests, so perhaps if you send her an email she will make them for you. Hope this helps, Daisy

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