DIY tea bag holder cookie

DIY tea bag holder cookie

Besides searching for stuff you can buy in Japan, I also look for things I can create myself that look like they came from Japan. I’m a huge fan of tea, so when I saw this adorable cookie tea bag holder I just had to create one myself. And with the clear instructions in the video of ThisCharmingStuff you’ll have one in no time at all.

Credits: ThisCharmingStuff

In Japan they sell about everything with cute smiley-faces and animal-heads, so it definitely fits the create-Japan-like-stuff-myself idea I had in mind. And if you’re familiar with polymer clay or want to start with it, this is a good tutorial to watch. Just to be safe I put the how-to also in this article, if the owner of the video ever decides to delete it from youtube.

What do you need?

For this cookie tea bag holder you’ll need:

  • beige, brown and a little black polymer clay
  • 1 drinking straw
  • a toothbrush (yeah, really!) or a piece of aluminium foil
  • x-acto knife (hobbyknife, see video)
  • soft brush
  • soft pastels
  • a mug
  • optional but recommended: acrylic paints

Create it!

First the clay-part. Take the beige polymer clay and prepare a round and flat piece of clay (about three fingers next to each other). Use the toothbrush or aluminium foil to apply texture on it, so it starts to look like a cookie. Just be careful not to press too hard or you’ll make the cookie too thin. Texture both sides and make sure you don’t forget the sides.

Chocolate crumbs

Next, take the dark brown clay and flatten it. Make sure you have about two fingers width for the arms and other details. Bake this piece 10 minutes and after baking, cut it into little pieces. The pieces have to be small enough to look like chocolate crumbs.

Bite mark

If you want your cookie to look like someone took a bite off it, you can use the straw to create those bite marks. Also mark where you want the eyes to be and add chocolate chips on both sides of your cookie. Gently press them into the cookie and make sure it’s not sticking out. Put the cookie in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Then use a needle to texture the bitemark.

Eyes and smile

Take a small piece of black clay and create two small balls. Attach them to the cookie (on the places you’ve marked earlier). Add a smile from a small strand of black clay.

Time to fit

Take your mug and look where you want to attach the hands. Then prepare two brown balls and form a teardrop-shape. Attach them to the cookie and make sure you put the small part on the cookie. Try to bend the teardrops as hooks so the cookie can hold your mug. Bake the cookie for 20 minutes.


You can use acrylic paint to create the white on the eyes. For a real cute finishing touch you can use Fimo glass varnish to give the eyes a sparkle. And then you’re tea bag holder is ready!

Watch the video here

Credit: ThisCharmingStuff

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