Origami paper stars

Origami paper stars

As a fan of Japan, I also like to create things with origami. Origami is one of my favorites because you can create almost any shape if you keep folding. A flower or a whole bouquet, maybe a dragon? You can make it as big and as complicated as you like. 

Credit: demi-a-lily

A very simple and good origami to start with are the origami paper stars. They’re simple to make and you have one very quick, so why not start right now? You’ll only need three things so…

What you need

  • ribbon (1 cm high and 22 cm long)
  • scissors
  • and that’s it!

Origami is all about folding without using anything besides the paper, so you won’t need to buy a lot (another plus). Below is the video that shows you exactly how to fold an origami star. Simple isn’t it?

Credit: maqaroon

1 Minute

I cost me about 20 seconds to create one of these stars, so it’s really easy to fill up a vase with different colours. I tried to fold the stars with normal printer paper, but if you pinch the sides to create the star-shape it doesn’t get that funny round shape in the video above. So I would recommend using the ribbons Maqaroon uses (or other ribbons you have). They are thicker and therefore you won’t squeeze them flat.


These little guys are great to give as a gift to your lover or a good friend. Fill a bottle with these things and give them for luck, or go even further and write down a wish in each and every one of them. If you have a girlfriend (or boyfriend) who appreciates a present you made yourself this is a really incredible and sweet way of saying ‘I care about you. A lot.’

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