Cotton food plush

Cotton food plush

When I think about Japanese food, one of the first things that comes to mind is sushi. They are very proud of their sushi and if you want to be a sushi-chef you’ll need years of on-the-job training and be an apprentice before you can start your own restaurant. Going to Japan means you’ll have to eat sushi at least once!  But ever thought about sushi as furniture?

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Probably not (and I don’t blame you, it sounds pretty silly). But sushi-furniture does exist! If you look at the pictures above and below you’ll know exactly what I mean. These plushies are designed to look like sushi which you can use as an arm- or foot-rest, or just for decoration. And it’s not just sushi. The company that creates these plushies also make fruit-, bread-, popsicle- and chocolate plusies you can put in your house.

Cotton Food: Going abroad

Ok, I’m going abroad in this one, but because sushi is so Japanese I thought it couldn’t hurt. Cotton Food is designed in Korea and made in China (yeah, confusing). A big plus about that however is that the plushies all have a reasonable price, even the big ones. And the big one is a personal favorite of mine. How cool would it be to have a huge smiling sushi to put your feet on the moment you get home? Positive energy-vibe guaranteed.

Credit: CottonFood

Cotton Food in all sizes

I just said briefly that the plushies come in different sizes: from cellphone straps to small pillows and from big pillow-friends to plushies you can use to put your feet on. The small plushies are about 12 dollars (check the Egg Sushi 6″ Plush and the Bread 6″ Plush!). The plushies that are a bit bigger (15 cm) are about 10/11 dollars (check the Octopus Sushi 6″ Plush) and the medium plushies like the watermelon above are about 40 dollars (check the Watermelon 16″ Plush ). The really big ones are usually around a 100 dollars, but are sometimes on sale for 60/70 dollars on cottonfood. So make sure to keep an eye on their website for the sale items.


Credits: Bread Plush

Where to buy Cotton Food?

I would recommend buying your Cotton Food plush at the original manufacturer CottonFood, since they usually have the best price and also put things on sale. However, make sure you check whether the products you buy have to go through customs in your country. Sometimes customs can add a tax on your products and you’ll have to pay extra money to receive your product. If you want to make sure something like that doesn’t happen then (as seen in the links in this article) in your country is a good alternative.

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  • Hi I live in the uk and I would love to have some of these cotton foods I have delivered some to the United States and some one is going to bring it back for me! I delivered it from Amazon but I want the bigger ones where could I get the bigger ones from ? I would need to get them sent to the uk though? And I just have a quick question do u sponsor anyone or anything???

    • Hi, perhaps you can find the bigger ones on Ebay? When I looked for Bread pillow I found this. Hope this helps. And I do not sponsor anyone, nor do I get paid if that is what you mean. This website is a hobby for me, and if I think an item is cool, cute or a musthave I’ll create a blog for it (suggestions are welcome!). I add the websites so people will know where to buy them, and of course I will try to use the websites of the original creators as much as I can (that’s just free publicity for them). I do have an advertisement-page for companies who are interested to have their product reviewed (I will notify the reader if it’s an advertisement).

  • hi is there anywhere else that sells cottonfood plushes/keychains in korea other than the main shop itself?

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