Cute Japanese erasers

Cute Japanese erasers

See these cute Kokeshi Dolls? At first glance I had no idea that these dolls were actually erasers, created by the Japanese company IWAKO, until I went to their website. These guys specialize in erasers and can seriously turn any object into an eraser: from sushi to animals, and from canned drinks to even very tiny t-shirts!

Credit: IWAKO

And it’s not like they just use one mould and paint all the details. No, they actually create little puzzels you can put together yourself. The eyes of the dolls above for example aren’t painted, but a different piece you put inside the head. Extra fun: you can combine some erasers to create different ones, for example change the hairstyle. My favourites are most definitely the macarons (they look so delicious!) and the canned drinks.

IWAKO erasers

Below I collected a few photos of cute Japanese erasers for you to enjoy so… enjoy! And if you would like to know where to buy them, one hint: IWAKO. All the credits of these photos belong to IWAKO, the company who created all these amazing erasers. They have a website where you can pay in with dollars or yen, so definitely check them out!









Where to buy these cute Japanese erasers?

At the top of the post I already mentioned that alle of these erasers were made by IWAKO, a Japanese company that is a specialist in creating these little artworks. If you don’t buy them at their website, you’ll have a chance of buying fake ones (mostly made in China) that are not as well-made and eco-friendly as the originials, so I will advise you to go to their website:

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