Hamuco hamsters – adorable miniature hamsters

Hamuco hamsters – adorable miniature hamsters

This literally screams kawaii to me. These adorable miniature hamsters on mushrooms are tiny sculptures that are created by hand. Nakano Yoshi-ho crafts these tiny hamsters from scratch. Get ready for an overdose of cuteness!

All credits: Hamuco

Nakano Yoshi-ho creates the base for the sculptures from white resin. After the resin figures are dry she will use an airbrush technique to paint the base color of the skin or pattern and a tiny paintbrush to paint the eyes and nose.

Miniature animals

If there are any additional parts she will glue them to the hamster or other miniature animal and lines them up to dry. Look at all those different adorable miniature animals!

Hamuco hamsters – Miniature hamsters Japan

Hamuco occasionally sells her tiny hamsters during hobby events in Japan, as you can see on the photo’s above. You can expect to pay up to 1500 yen (which is about 12 dollars) for them, sometimes even 2000 yen (16 dollars). So they are a bit pricey, but you will get a handcrafted and handpainted miniature sculpture, so I think it’s a reasonable price.

hamuco tiny rabbit keychain

Where to buy Hamuco hamsters

Up until now the miniature hamsters are not sold outside Japan, so you’ll have to go there to get one. Or maybe you can set up a post address in Japan which automatically sends the packages to your country, but I haven’t checked that method yet (if you know how, let me know!). Hamuco does sell her tiny animal straps online, which are available worldwide. I’ve seen rabbits like the one above, hamsters and dogs with cute scarfs, so you might want to check her store.

Hamuco hamsters in Japan and online

I’ve also found out that they can be purchased at the ART HOUSE in Osaka and Momofuku in Kyoto. She now also sells them on the Koubou Noren Gallery and the Momofuku Online Shop as well.

You can see more handcrafted critters on Hamuco’s website and Tumblr.

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