Japanese flip books

Japanese flip books

You might remember the time you used to draw a little stickman on post-its and flip through them to create a story. Well, you can see these Japanese flip books as a 4.0 version of your little stickman. 

Credits:Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo

These fun little flip books are made in Japan by Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo. This company creates these little books not only by using a cool story, but also by using negative space and compartments. Which means you can suddenly discover a hole in the book where a worm has eaten through, or a shaft that has been opened.

Japanese flip books in action

Below you can see a few flip books in action. I personally love the one with the Christmas theme, that’s the one with the biggest surprise for me!

Where to buy the Japanese flip books?

If you would like to buy the Merry Christmas Flipbook, you can do so at Amazon.com (see the link). You can find the Rabbit with Long Ear here and the God of Bug Eater here. Also one I like, but not in the video is Vol 1 – Visitor of Hole

Japanese flip books with multiple stories

Believe it or not, there are even flip books that have multiple stories in them. You’ll have to flip them from the top corner first, then when you’ve flipped through all the pages you go back to the top and flip from the bottom corner. The last time you’ll flip with your thumb on the middle part of the book, and you’ll get the last part of the story. Maybe it’s a bit hard to understand if I just write it down, so watch the video below to see what I mean ;-).

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