Magic sakura tree (desk-size!)

Magic sakura tree (desk-size!)

Now I’m working at an office I somehow always end up searching for Japanese accessories to put on my desk. Bringing in a bit of Japan keeps the office creative and interesting right? You can imagine how happy I was when I found the Magic Sakura tree, a miniature sakura tree which you can grow right on your desk!

Credits: Gosia R.

If you know a tiny bit about Japan, you know that cherry blossoms symbolize the start of spring. Every Japanese person eagerly watches the sakura trees closely to see when they will bloom. When they do a massive amount of people take a day or even a week off to enjoy the flowering cherry blossoms. It’s not unusual to see a park filled with so many people enjoying a picknick you can hardly see the grass below the trees. Where I live we do have a cherry tree here and there, but it’s uncomparable to the cherry blossoms in Japan. So how cool is it that you can just ‘order’ a desk-size magic sakura tree for your own home?

Magic sakura tree

Even if you’ve never witnessed the beauty of the cherry blossom in Japan, here’s your chance to recreate the experience on you own desk. This sakura tree package consists of a paper tree, which you assemble and put it on its plastic base. After you’ve made sure the tree stands sturdy, you pour the ‘magic water’. Yes, I’m not kidding, it’s really called magic water. And the reason for that becomes clear rather quickly, since blossoms will begin to form on the tree within a few hours! There’s your magic sakura tree.

Cherry blossom viewing for a month

And what made me really happy was that you’ll be able to enjoy the cherry blossom viewing for around a month. Yup, that’s about twice as long as the real ones last. So… what’s keeping you from trying one out yourself? The magic sakura tree usually comes in a set of three, so you can shower your desk in blossoms for as long as you like.

Buy magic sakura tree

So, where can you buy the magic sakura tree? I’ve found a link to the article on for 11/12 dollar: Magic Sakura Tree. And, just because I like watching it so much, another video of the sakura tree from Gosia R. Enjoy!

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