Rilakkuma sofa bed

Rilakkuma sofa bed

Well, I guess it isn’t hard to see what this post is going to be about. Yes, these women are sitting on a giant Rilakkuma sofa bed! You can actually buy one of these to use as a couch and bed, how crazy is that? I bet everyone would want to come over if you have this bear in your house… 

Credit: aliexpress

Rilakkuma is easily one of Japan’s cutest characters, with his giant fluffy head and funny looking face. His name consists of the Japanese words rirakkusa, meaning relax, and kuma, meaning bear. Well, this relaxing bear is perfect to eh, relax.

Rilakkuma sofa bed

The Rilakkuma sofa bed costs around 249 dollars at cutebed or 269 dollars at aliexpress, so they’re quite pricy. But if you use this sofa instead of a normal couch I guess the price isn’t that strange. And besides, you’ll have your favorite bear in a humongous size in your house, how cool is that?

rilakkuma sofa

Credit: aliexpress

Totoro sofa or Pikachu sofa?

Not too big of a Rilakkuma fan? No problem, there are also sofa’s of other Japanese characters you might know. What about Totoro, Hello Kitty or the famous Pikachu from Pokémon? And if you’re not into Japanese characters at all (can’t imagine it if you’re reading this but okay ;-)), they have a Minion as well.

Where to get the Totoro sofa or Pikachu sofa?

You can get the Pikachu sofa for about 108 dollars at aliexpress, the Hello Kitty sofa bed costs about 420 dollars at aliexpress, the Totoro is 239 dollars at aliexpress and the Minion is available for 365 dollars at aliexpress.

pikachu sofa bed

hello kitty sofa bed

totoro sofa bed

minion sofa bed

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