Sakurasaku glasses – amazing cherry blossom glassware

Sakurasaku glasses – amazing cherry blossom glassware

Sakurasaku glasses are tiny shiny gems I recently found while shopping on Amazon. These glasses are a subtle way to give a Japanese touch to your interior by honoring their beloved cherry blossom. And… do you think anyone would still complain about stains on the table?

All credits: 100percent

Sakurasaku glasses from 100percent

The sakurasaku glasses were made by the Japanese design company 100percent (or 100% as they are also called) and are from the line Sakurasaku, which means ‘Blossoming Sakura’ (how cool is that!). The glasses work like any other glass: they collect the condensation that forms on the sides to create a pattern at the base. With any other glass it would just become a boring, ring-shaped circle, but with the sakurasaku glasses you will get a pretty cherry blossom on your table. I think I’ll throw my coasters out of the window right now…

sakura glass sakurasaku

sakurasaku glass with sakura

Where to buy Sakurasaku glasses?

I already gave a clear hint in the introduction, Amazon is the place to be if you’re not living in Japan and would like to have a Japanese spring in your room all year long. 100percent has created a whole line of Sakurasaku as I said before (see below), ranging from the famous sake cup ( 2300 yen or about 20 dollar) to the large Tumbler (2500 yen or about 22 dollar). The Rock is available for about 22 dollar as well and they even have a pilsner for all you beer-loving people out there, for about 32 dollar. Below are the prices for the American and partly Japanese

SAKURASAKU glass Sake, Clear & Pink

SAKURASAKU glass Rock, Pink & Clear

SAKURASAKU glass Tumbler, Pink & Clear

SAKURASAKU glass Pilsner, Pink & Clear

If you live in Japan or know your way around Japanese websites, then you could also go to the website of 100percent, where you will see all glasses separately as well as in pairs.

sakura glasses sakurasaku

Sakurasaku yukizakura glasses

Not a fan of see-through glass? Well, why would you buy it if there’s a frosted version? These glasses are designed to have a snow-like look to them, honoring the yukizakura or snow cherry blossom. This is a rare sight to see, but people who were lucky enough to see called it a season transcending breathtaking beauty (try to say that ten times).

sakura glass yukizakura sakurasakura

sakurasaku glass yukizakura

Where to buy the yukizakura from sakurasaku?

Of course I will say Amazon again, since that website also immediately shows you how much you should pay for delivery and customs.

SAKURASAKU Yukizakura glass Tumbler, Frost pink & Frost clear

SAKURASAKU Yukizakura glass Rock, Frost pink & Frost clear

However, you can also order the yukizakura on the website of 100percent if you prefer that. There they also have all the glassses, including the yukizakura sake cups and the yukizakura pilsner.

sakurasaku glasses sakura yukizakura

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