Sushi socks

Sushi socks

Sushi socks! Just too funny this one. And I thought the sushi towels were already genious. You can seriously buy socks that look like sushi when you roll them up. And even if you’re wearing them they look kinda… delicious?

Credits: Notes of Nomads

Socks that look like Japan’s most famous food, how cool is that? There are seven versions so far. You can choose from masuzushi, red caviar, shrimp, salmon, octopus, tuna and egg. The socks can be folded so they look like pairs of sushi on a plate, the white part of the sock looking like the rice, and the colored pattern being the fish. Hmm, masuzushi is my instant favorite, but the red caviar also looks quite good!

sushi socks in package

Credits: Notes of Nomads

Sushi socks packs on a platter

Also great to know: they not only look fun to wear, but they are also made from good quality fabric. The colors aren’t printed on the sock, but instead knitted into it. And the brightly colored leg wear fits almost all sizes. Above you can see the socks seperately, but you can also buy a set of four or six. Those packages look like you just ordered sushi at a sushi restaurant. Great to give to a sushi lover or a Japan fan. Or just… yourself? It will probably the first time you’ll actually drool at your feet…. ahem.

sushi socks unwrapping

Credits: Cooking with Dog

Where to buy sushi socks?

Luckily you don’t need to look far for the sushi socks. The website otakumode sells them for 4,31 dollar, and you can also find a slightly different version on Amazon (Sushi Socks Box Women’s 3 pairs and this crazy multipack Sushi Socks Box Women’s 10 Pairs ). Although it’s kinda crazy, it’s also very original and fun, so maybe I’ll add them to my shopping list!

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