Sushi towels

Sushi towels

Hmm…. yum! Or eh, practical? It’s almost too bad you can’t use these sushi rolls for dinner! These delicious looking sushi towels are designed in such a way they will look like actual sushi rolls if you ‘roll them up’. 

Credits: Jenny Pokryvailo

Sushi towel rolls

This great idea came from designer Jenny Pokryvailo, who thought the kitchen could use some colour and fun. For OTOTO she designed these yummy looking sushi kitchen towels. According to her the colour-combinations make the towels pleasing to the eye, and I can only agree with her. Definitely on my wishlist! Would you go for the salmon, tamago, crab or is the tuna roll your favourite?


Besides these sushi towels she also designed the cute Loch Ness-monster soup ladle and the Tweet Treat, which is a small side-dish in the form of a little bird attached to your plate or bowl. If you want an interesting and good-looking kitchen, definitely check her designs!

sushi towel

Credits: Jenny Pokryvailo

Want to see more of her projects? Check the website cargocollective where she displays all her designs. 

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