Hey there, thank you for visiting! I’m Daisy, a slightly chaotic, creative squirrel who likes to try things she has never seen, done or made before. Create a sculpture of cd’s? Why not? Listen to classical music or techno? I believe I have to try it to judge it, so yeah, both! Going abroad? Yes! (the squirrely-part: I like to collect things from the places I travel to, just so you know). I’ve travelled a lot within Europe and have been to the US, and a few years ago I was finally able to visit Japan.

So what’s this blog about?

I wanted this website to be a place where you could read about fun places to go to, historical Japanese buildings you just have to see, delicious food you have to try, the coolest shops and restaurants and interesting Japanese fashion and music. My aim is to make this blog as complete as possible, so if you have any tips or things I have to look into, send me an email!


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