Top 8 Instagram accounts about matcha

Top 8 Instagram accounts about matcha

If you love all-things Japan like me, you’ll often search Instagram to look for those few accounts that go the extra mile. Those accounts that focus on one specific Japanese item or subject, and absolutely slay it. And when we’re talking about matcha, there are a few accounts out there that absolutely deserve a(nother) spotlight. I’ve made a top 8 of Instagram accounts about matcha and beware: you will crave matcha after reading and seeing this post…

The benefits of matcha

For those of you who do not know what matcha is: it’s a is finely ground powder of green tea leaves. The plants are specially shade-grown for three to four weeks before harvest, and the stems and veins are removed during processing. This makes the plant produce more theanine and caffeine, which has a few specific benefits:

  • Energy booster: you can have 4 to 6 hours of calm and concentrated energy thanks to that combination of caffeine and theanine. And no after-energy-burst crash like you have with coffee.
  • Calorie burner: Yes! Studies show that a daily consumption of matcha can help burn up to 4 times more calories.
  • Detoxifier: Matcha contains about 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. Not bad!

Now I get why these accounts are so passionate about this little green wonder. Below I’ve created a top 8, with the accounts in no particular order.

1. Matcha Moments

Matcha Moments aims to bring the freshest, high-quality matcha green tea directly from a small community of tea farmers in Japan. Their Instagram is filled with the most jaw-dropping creations with matcha as the main ingredient. Be sure to check this account out, and if you like what you see, visit their website to have your own Matcha Moment (also available on Amazon).

2. Matcha styling

The account of matcha_styling is one of the smaller ones in this list, but definitely worth mentioning. The owner describes the channel as being a place for cool, stylish and photogenic Japanese tea & sweets. A bowl of matcha-tea a day! Follow this account for those relaxing moments when you take the time to unwind.

3. Matcha IRO

The founder of IRO fell in love with the ritual of matcha: the form, the color, the foam and the unique flavor. After imersing himself in the Japanese culture and the virtues of matcha, he wished to share it with the rest of the world. This passion about the product radiates in the Instagram-posts, which makes you want to create these little works of art yourself. You can buy your own matcha products on their website matcha-iro.

4. Matcha

When an account uses THE keyword of the product itself, you know they’ve been around for a while. The account matcha calls itself the official matcha guide and I can see why! Matcha ice cream, beer, waffles, cookies and of course the original tea; they’ve got it all and I’m living for it. And if you wish to know how to drink it, eat it or cook with it, they’ll help you out as well.

5. Matcha Magic

Hmmm! Matcha Magic really brings the magic to the table, with delicious looking snacks and drinks all created with matcha. Because matcha is in powder form, there are endless ways to incorporate it into your cooking. Pancakes? No problem. Donuts? Of course. This Auckland-based grammer knows how to make you crave for matcha, that’s for sure.

6. Matcha More

Another local restaurant for me, as the Matcha More is situated in the Markthal Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Their accounts is as new as their restaurant, but I believe they will put out a beautiful grid with matcha-gems in no time. Seeing as they talk about bubble waffles, pastries, soft serve and hot and cold drinks… I’m keeping an eye on them for sure.

7. Matchaeologist

This is without a doubt one of the largest accounts out there, with over 147k followers at the moment of writing in 2020. It is also one of the most stylized accounts, and if you visit their page you’ll immediately know what I mean. Their unique use of color makes the matcha pop even more in the photos, and also adds a feeling of exclusivety and luxury. They have a webshop where you can buy organic matcha-tea as well as match-ware to complete your experience: matchaeologist.

8. Matcha hug the tea

Hug the tea is the 1st Matcha Bar of The Netherlands, so I’m definitely putting this beautiful place on my to-go list once we are allowed to travel again. A few of the things they offer: an iced matcha latte with coconut milk, or an avocado toast with organic matcha bread? Sold? I am. They also have a website where you can order the tea, but also delicious looking snacks like matcha marblecakes: hugthetea.

My top 8 instagram accounts about matcha

So, craving matcha yet? I undoubtly have, so I’m ordring a nice set to start with right now. I never even realized it had so many good properties, and it is even better than coffee for that much-needed energy boost during the day sometimes (if you didn’t know, I am a coffee-junkie). If you like this post, please make sure to check out my other posts about instagram accounts about Japan or Japan-centered subjects, you won’t be disappointed!

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