I stumbled upon DIV when I was listening to D=OUT on Youtube (can´t live without it), and their song Seasons immediately got to me. One dive in their playlist and I found out that they also have a wide variety of songs I liked, so it was definitely worth writing an article about them!

Credit: Youtube Taste of Life

DIV was formed in 2012 and consists of four members: Chisa (vocals, blond hair with stripes), Shogo, (guitar, blond hair with purple and blue), Satoshi (drums, purple hair) and Chobi (bass, dark hair). The DIV visual kei band has songs ranging from the bright art-like Taste of Life to the slightly heavier Answer.

DIV visual kei band – why should you listen?

DIV is one of the bands that concentrates mostly on the lighter side of visual kei, so there is more consistency in their style and sound. With this band you probably either like all their songs or none of them, althought Justice, Butterfly Dreamer and Answer are a bit darker and have a heavier guitar base than the rest of their songs.

Listen to DIV

Below are a few examples of songs DIV released, ranging from fast to slow-paced and from rock to pop. These are of course personal favorites, so if you want to see more of them you should definitely check their Youtube-channel (scroll down to see where you can buy their CD’s).


So this was the song that convinced me to listen to more songs of DIV. There´s this soft build-up in the beginning, that gives you a comfortable feeling listening to it. And although the drums and guitars kick in, the piano keeps coming back. Combined with the light classic instruments mixed in the background this song just leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Even the guitar solo is just really comfortable to listen to, and I would definitely see this as an anime-opening in a shortened version.

Taste of life

Okay, so this song is extremely (I´ll add an extra extremely to that) happy and bright, with lots of neon signs and color in the video. But you can also hear it in the music itself, with the combination of the piano and fast paced guitar playing. And don´t get me started about their outfits, that look like they just had a fight in an M&M´s-store. I personally love the brightly colored details in their hair and on their faces. The purple hair of Satoshi, the fun feather-like stripes of Chisa, the artwork on Chobi´s head and the neon colors in Shogo´s hair. The whole video has an art-like feeling, really cool.

Zero One

I picked this song to show you the similarities but also the differences between their songs. They also use the piano in this song, so that part is recognisable, but then the heavy drums/guitar-combo kicks in, making it clear this is going to be a rather different song. Throughout the song you can clearly hear the heavier drums and guitar, which (instead of the comfortable fuzzy feeling) gives this song an uplifting feeling which makes you want to move. I also liked the way this clip was filmed: mostly grey but with a few bright color-accents.

DIV live

So what do they sound like if you hear them play live? Above is a video from their live in 2014 during Christmas (maybe the big Christmas trees already gave it away 😉 ). I have to add that the sound on the camera wasn´t exactly great, so you sometimes hear a switch in volume, but that doesn´t mean you can´t hear how good Chisa´s voice-control is and how great the instruments sound.

DIV style

I can´t get around it, their clothes and hairstyles in Taste of Life are just too funny and amazing. It´s chaos, color and candy-like jackets in this song, and I just feel happy looking at them. And I just think that their hairstyles in this video are awesome and unique. The color purple (not to mention he painted his whole hair) of Satoshi, the funny colorful strands in Shogo´s hair, the cool artwork of Chobi and the feather-like stripes of Chisa; it all just fits. The extra detail you’ll have to pay attention to in their overall style is the artwork in Chobi´s hair. He keeps it throughout the songs, but every time in a different color.

Where to buy their music?

If you liked their songs and want to buy their music, here are a few links of the DIV visual kei band. The album SECRET(+DVD) has (besides the song Secret Night of course) also Story, Butterfly Dreamer, Taste of Life and Justice on it. Their album Zero One (CD) has (besides Zero One) also Answer an Seasons on it.

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