Ganglion band

Ganglion band

This power quartet was a nice surprise! Since all-girl bands are not that easy to find in the visual kei genre I was happy to find Ganglion, an all-female band with (for me) definitely a visual kei flavor. Check their songs and hopefully you’ll agree with me at the end of my article: they rock!  

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Ganglion was formed in June of 2010 and has been a four member, all-girl band since the beginning. Oni is their vocalist, and together with Sagara on guitar, Vivi on drums and Yui on bass they released their mini-album ‘Returns to you’, and their singles ‘REVERSE’ and ‘TWILIGHT’. In march 2014 they announced that Yui would depart from the band due to health conditions, and she was followed by Ebi.

Why listen to Ganglion?

Ganglion is not so easy to catch in a few words, but I will try! Most people outside Japan would classify their music as visual kei, however most Japanese themselves do not see Ganglion as visual kei. Why? Because the band members are all women. Almost all visual kei bands consists of male members (no matter how female they look), so for an all-female visual kei band it’s hard to get recognition that way. But no matter if you say they’re visual kei, rock, pop, metal, punk or electronica; their songs are just awesome. They have songs that I would like to describe as relaxed rock like Rise and Distance, and songs that have a faster tempo like Save your heart.

Listen to Ganglion band Japan

Below are a few music videos of Ganglion. If you want to see more music video’s of Ganglion: check their Youtube-channel (and buy their CD’s of course to support them. Scroll down to see where you can buy them).


I just love the start of this song: the guitar is a perfect build-up for the rest of the instruments and eventually the vocals. And what vocals! It’s different from other visual kei bands to be sure, but therefore it’s only more interesting to listen to. It’s sort of… less spacy and echoing like some other bands, if you know what I mean (and if not, please forget this sentence :-)). In this song there’s enough room for the vocals to be heard with minimum instrumental back-up, and the other way around.

Save your heart

Okay, anyone who still feels the need to discriminate between male and female visual kei bands… crawl back under a stone. A fashionable appearance, great vocals and a riff to be jealous of… I don’t see why they couldn’t stand back to back with the great all-male visual kei bands. The only thing I wonder about: when will they get their own anime opening or closing track? Or maybe a drama… I would surely vote for them.


As a song that’s in their own top three, I had to list it as well. This was the first song they wrote together with Ebi, so for her it’s like an initiation in the group and therefore special. It’s also slightly different from their earlier rock songs in that they use more electric sounds, which creates the idea of the future and galaxies and space. The song is about an android that falls in love with a human, but since their differences are too great he just wishes to be held by that person just once. Aaaww… And again, anime OP anyone?

Ganglion band Japan live

So how does Ganglion sounds live? Pretty darn good! Although the sound in the video above isn’t exactly MTV-quality, you can clearly hear the way the instruments and vocals are supposed to sound. They are not touring for now and there are rumours about the group going separate ways for a while, so definitely check the Ganglion Youtube channel to see when they will pick up their music again.

Ganglion band style

Ganglion and fashion are connected, that’s for sure. Oni was scouted to be a model in the populair fashion magazine KERA!, appealing to middle and senior high school girl students. Their style is fashionable, sometimes slightly futuristic and visual kei, but not too bombastic or much bling. Most members prefer wearing outfits with pants or leggings, while Ebi prefers to wear skirts in most pv’s.

Where to buy their music?

If you liked these songs and want to buy the music of Ganglion band Japan, here are a few links to their music. INFINITY(+DVD)(ltd.)has Distance, BLACK OUT, Dearness and also One Feel, Koufuku no Theory and Aoku Yurete on it. For more CD’s and DVD’s you should check their website.

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