You might have heard from them already if you watch anime: Their songs Boys and Girls and 88 are both used as opening themes for the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn! I’m talking about LM.C, a visual kei rock band that likes to mix pop music with electronic rock, combining it to ‘new century electro rock’ as they say so themselves. 

Credit: Nickey Nixx

LM.C was founded by Maya (blonde hair), who at the time still played with Miyavi and his own band The Sinners. At first Maya only played with support members, but after Aiji joined they released their first two singles in 2006. The songs of LM.C are almost always fast-paced, with a ‘light’ overlay in songs like 88 and a ‘dark’ overlay in songs like Metally and Let me crazy.

Why listen to LM.C?

If you like fast-paced songs with an uptempo beat, then LM.C is the right band for you. While hearing their music it’s hard to stay seated, you just have to move, jump or dance. The quirky electronic sounds that they mix with their rock music is really catchy. And if you think you’ve heard everything they have to offer after just two or three songs, you’re definitely wrong. Although all of their songs are fast and on the lighter side of visual kei, there is a clear difference between the happy John and the heavy Let ’em crazy. Oh, and if you have photo sensitive epilepsy or other types of similar conditions you might want to watch out if you’re watching their PV’s: they switch their images and colors just as fast as their music.

Listen to LM.C

Below are a few examples of songs LM.C released and I tried to select the songs from both the happy as well as the darker side of their repertoire. These are of course personal favorites, so if you want to see more of them: check their Youtube-channel (and buy their CD’s of course or look them up on Spotify😉. Scroll down to see where you can buy them).

Liar Liar

This is one of their songs I think has everything they stand for: a fast-paced song with electronic sounds that gives the rythm a quirky feeling and excellent guitar play. I also like the keyboard riff at the end, which gives the song just a little extra. Also notice the transitions to the calmer parts in the song. This one definitely ends up in my shortlist when listening to LM.C.

Double Dragon

Okay, I just had to put this one in because of the epic video. This feels more like the preview for an action-movie than a PV with the lighting, the actors, the slow-motion parts (that hair!) and the storyline. Of course the music is also great ;-). The bass, drums and guitar create a solid and compact base for Maya to sing. Interesting is the slight change in tempo at times (1.15 and 1.33 for example). Aiji’s crazy guitarplay in this song is a big, very big plus for me.


Of course I couldn’t write about LM.C without mentioning their song 88. This song is, as well as Boys and girls, an opening track for the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn! I think you will like this song if you’re looking for an interesting, lighter song in the visual kei-style with a few change-ups. The violin and the quirky game sound effects create the galaxy-like effect they have in their PV, and Maya definitely adds power to the song the way he sings.

LM.C live

LM.C live is excellent to listen to as well. The video above is from their live in 2012 where they play during their 5th anniversary. They’re playing Punky Heart and you can see by the reaction of the crowd how great it sounds. You really get the urge to jump along with them (funny to see how everyone in the crowd just keeps enough space around them so they can jump. They should see the concerts in Europe 😉 ).

LM.C style

Maya and Aiji always wear matching outfits in their clips to fit the style of the song. Sometimes it’s very bright and colorful and sometimes it’s just pretty dark. Their hair color however is always the same base color, with Maya having blonde hair and Aiji dark brown/black. Interesting detail is the guy with the silver-grey mask and punk hairstyle. You will see him often in their music video’s and apparently he has many talents (playing the villan, playing violin etc.).

Where to buy their music?

If you liked their songs and want to buy their music, here are a few links to the music of LM. C. Super Glitter Loud Box has the songs Rock the LM.C, Boys and Girls and Oh my Julliet on it, as well as Metally amongst the list of fifteen songs. Strong Pop has Ah hah!, My boy and Let ’em Crazy in the list of thirteen songs. Gimmical Impact!! has their great 88, Liar Liar and John on it, as well as the crazy Bell the Cat.

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