Royz is one of those great finds which (in my case) you’ll only stumble upon as a Westerner if you’re on YouTube a lot. Thank you YouTube for the suggested videos! I came across their song Noah and that song immediately ended up on my shortlist, so here are my reasons for listening to them. 

Credit: Youtube Tear Drop

Royz was formed in 2009 and right now consists of four members: Subaru (vocals, blond hair), Kuina, (guitar, purple hair), Koudai (bass, red hair) and Tomoya (drums, red brown hair on the stairs). Royz has songs ranging from the light cosmic Starry Heaven to the slightly heavy Egoist.

In May 2014 Royz announced that guitarist Kazuki would leave the band to take care of his mom, who has an incurable disease.

Although it’s sad to see him to leave, I wish him the best of luck and well-wishes for his mom. Maybe someday in the future he will be playing in Royz again. (hence the picture, I thought it was a bit strange to leave him out, definitely because he appears in so many videoclips)

Why listen to Royz?

Although Kazuki has left Royz for now, the band keeps going on, and with the songs they’ve already created it’s worth seeing what they will come up with next. One word that immediately matches with Royz (in my opinion of course) is speed. They have both songs that focus more on the light and darker side of visual kei, but they always have a fast bass or drums as a base. And they make good use of electronic sounds to mix with their instruments.

Listen to Royz

Below are a few examples of songs Royz released, ranging from light to darker visual kei, but always with a fast pace. These are of course personal favorites, so if you want to see more of them you should definitely check their Youtube-channel (and buy their CD’s of course 😉. Scroll down to see where you can buy them).


Actually the song is called Alpha, or the Alpha-sign for short. I like this song a lot because of the combination of heavy guitar and the light electronic sounds, that seem to float through the heavy beat; really fun to listen to. And of course I can’t forget the guitar riff here either ;-). Also note the change at 2:50. Overall a real nice song to have in your shortlist.

The Beginning

This is a slightly heavier song, with (incredibly enough) a siren sound playing quite long in the background during some pieces. And I liked it (maybe even more incredible..). It just fits the fast-paced music, creating just that extra boost of energy so you just have to move. And it’s also nice to hear parts in a visual kei-song you’re actually able to sing along with for a change, that will definitely make their live shows more fun for the audience.


Noah is one of their songs that has it all: the heavy start with drums and guitars, Subaru’s voice that lifts the music a few levels to a lighter second part, mixed with the fast-paced rock in the middle, the cool guitar riff and the heavy ending. I think many people will like this song because it has so many different parts, definitely if they like the visual kei-style.

Royz live

How does Royz sound live? The video above is from their live in 2012 in Osaka, so the gang is still complete here. They’re playing Starry Heaven and it sounds really good, nothing to criticize about here. I was afraid that Subaru would have a hard time keeping up with those fast-paced lyrics live, but he doesn’t have a problem at all. And you have to love the way he keeps saying arigato at the end; thanking your fans like that is definitely appreciated.

Royz style

What I like so much about them is that their outfits are always very well-matched to each other, more than any other band I’ve seen. Most of the times it also matches their hairstyle; take Noah for example where Subaru had the same colors in his hair as well as in his jacket. However, even though their outfits look so much alike, they all have their individual styles. And that’s what I like so much about them. Their individual personalities are strong enough that you can easily see who is who (which is sometimes hard to see with other visual kei-bands, definitely if they change their hairstyles that much). And the shiny outfits that match the galactic electronic style they got going: thumbs up!

Where to buy their music?

If you liked their songs and want to buy their music, here are a few links of Royz. The album Core ( CD) has the songs Egoist, Revelation and Answer on it, as well as Lilia and Real World amongst the list of twelve. Their album TEARS(Type A)(DVD+CARD)has (besides Tear Drop of course) also Starry Heaven, Areal Cord and Noah on it  in the list of twelve. The Beginning (Type A) (DVD) has their great Umbrella and the fast-paced Heil on it. Pay attention while your buying though: they have different versions of the albums, so check carefully which songs you’ll get.

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