Dark Souls 3 The Fire Fades (PS4)

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Set in the Kingdom of Lothric, the player is tasked to survive an oncoming apocalypse brought about by the ongoing conflict between the Age of Fire and those branded with the Darksign as with previous iterations of the series. To survive this event, the player character must face the Lords of Cinder, previous heroes who linked the fire, as the cycle of Light and Dark continues and no matter what you do, darkness will return and repeat itself forever.

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It is an action role-playing game played in a third-person perspective. Players have access to a variety of weapons, armor, magic, and consumables that they can use to fight their enemies. Bonfires serve as checkpoints. The Estus Flask is the consumable used for healing in Dark Souls III. Ashen Estus Flasks restore focus points, which can be used for magic or weapon arts.Atmospheric Visuals: Dynamic lighting and particle effects immerse players into a dark fantasy world of ruin.

  • Interconnected World: Expertly crafted world encourages players to explore vast and breath-taking landscapes.
  • Sword Action: Diversifies combat action allowing players to craft their own unique play style.
  • Unique Online System: Evolution of trademark online multiplayer functionality that seamlessly integrates online interactions into single-player story.

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