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Win the favor of the geishas through careful speculation and bold moves. In Hanamikoji, two players compete to earn the favor of seven illustrious Geishas by collecting each Geisha’s preferred performance item. With careful speculation and a few bold moves, can you outsmart your opponent to win the favor of the most Geishas? 

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In Hanamikoji, you compete to get the favours of 7 geishas. To do so, you give object cards to the geishas who in turn give their favour to the most generous player.

If you manage to get 11 charm points (or if not possible the favours of 4 geishas) you can win the game.

How does the game work?

Players only play one of four actions on their turn: Secret, Concealment, Gift, Competition. Once all actions have been played, the round is over and if neither player has won, another round is played.

Hanamikoji is a subtle 2 player game where deduction and bluff play their part.

Manufacturer recommended age is 10 Years and up

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