Manhole covers Japan

Manhole covers Japan

The words ‘street art’ take on a whole new meaning if you look at these manhole covers. It’s apparently a Japanese custom to have manhole covers that are even more amazing than most art in a museum. 

Credit: Daderot

If we talk about things you ‘must-see’,  then how about you look at your own feet? Maybe you’re stepping over a manhole cover that’s been beautifully decorated with flowers, castles or funny characters.

Manhole covers Japan

Below is a small collection of manhole covers in Japan. I sorted a few of them by city, and the last ones are very colorful and can be found across Japan.

Manhole covers Osaka

Credits: Daiju Azuma from KOBEそらみみDaiju Azuma from KOBE & Laika ac.

Manhole covers in Hokkaido

Credits: Prosperosity & Rodriseb.

Manhole covers in Nagoya

Credits: both そらみみ

Manhole covers in Kobe

Credits: Daiju Azuma uit KOBE, JapanDesigned Manhole cover, KōbeTomomarusan

Manhole covers in Tokyo

Credits: chidorianThirteen-friThirteen-fri & Daderot.

Manhole covers Japan

Credits:  tokoro kokoUrashimataro, Rei掬茶Thirteen-friYamaguchi Yoshiakiそらみみそらみみ.

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