Nana-chan: Nagoya’s mannequin

Nana-chan: Nagoya’s mannequin

What will Nana-chan be wearing today? No, I’m not talking about a girl here, but a giant mannequin at Nagoya station. This 6 metre high statue gets dressed up so many times in so many different costumes she probably has one of the largest wardrobes in the world. 

Credits: Danny Kichi

From a bridal dress to Iron Man, Nana-chan knows how to wear it. The 600 kg white doll is as famous as Hachiko at Shibuya’s station in Tokyo and Big Man at Umeda station in Osaka. Every month she shows off a new outfit and even incorporates the seasons and new releases of movies and plays in her style. During the winter she wears a warm hoodie while during the summer she wears a bathing suit (and gets caught by Godzilla, but that’s just a tiny detail right? 😉 ).

Where to find nana chan at nagoya station?

You can find Nana-chan in front of the escalator that leads to Meitetsu Bus Center. So she’s not inside, like many websites tell you (saves you a lot of time looking for her). Can’t find it? Just ask around, the people there love to help and they know what you’re talking about. Probably everyone you see there has used the ‘Meet me at nana-chan’- phrase at some point. Cause hey, how can you miss a giant white doll wearing a fancy costume?

Nana chan Nagoya’s fashion line

So…(drumroll), let’s check out nana-chan’s outfits! Clothing that fits the holiday spirit or Japan’s most favourite orange heroes (also my favs), nana-chan has seen them all.

Cosplay and sporty

Schoolgirl and housewife-look

Festive and holiday-spirit

Eat and about to be eaten

Cute and practical

Japan’s most favourite orange heroes

All photos were taken by: Danny Kichi

And which style is your favourite?

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