Batman symbol Japan

Batman symbol Japan

Whoah, we found the batcave! Finally after all those years we know where our black winged hero with awesome ride resides… Okay, not, but who on earth lives here then? Try the US Air Force, who have this base in Okinawa, Japan.

Credit: GoogleMaps

Batman symbol in Okinawa Japan

And yes the symbol is real, because the US Air Force’s 44th Fighter Squadron’s Kadena Air Base in Okinawa has confirmed their heroic roof is painted exactly like that. But why and how and who? By whom they do not know, but a spokesman of the base said the symbol has been there since the 1980’s.

Military base with Batman symbol

We knew it, the U.S. managed to get the black-winged hero in their service! Erm, no, too bad they didn’t. But the hero of Gotham does provide them with inspiration, hence the huge symbol on the roof of the hangar. Someone on Reddit said there are two squadrons on Okinawa, and this squadron is called the bats (because of their blue tail flashes). Very cool to have the badass superhero as your logo then!


Credits: GoogleMaps

Batman symbol Japan Google Maps coordinates?

As I said before it’s painted on a U.S. military base in Okinawa Japan. If you type in the words Kadena Okinawa Japan you will get to see the whole base, just zoom in on the right side of the runway and you’ll spot it in no time. Rather have the coordinates? Here you go: 26.357891,127.78378.

And of course you’re now stuck with that song in your head: nananananana batman… nananana batman…

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