Pokémon airplane – gotta catch em all!

Pokémon airplane – gotta catch em all!

Let your inner child guide you on a flight with All Nippon Airways! Besides the themed airplanes of Hello Kitty and Star Wars, of course they had to have a few Pokéjets. One of the most famous tv-series ever made on this planet was converted into a flight-experience. Fasten your seatbelts and catch em all!

Credits: Adrian Pingstone

There are a few poké-planes in Japan, all of them featuring the most famous Pokémon from the series like Pikachu, Togepi, Mewto and Bulbasaur. And of course there’s a real Pikachu jumbo-jet, how cool is that? Staff will greet you in Pokémon-aprons and your seat has a headrest with the same print. You will drink from cups with the Pokémon-brand, watch Pokémon on your tv-screen and you can buy a few exclusive Pokémon items like the Pokémon watch. And if you want an apron just like the flight attendants… well, they are also sold on board.


Credits: indiavideo

Design your own Pokémon airplane

Once in a while Nippon Airways brought a new Poképlane in the sky (9 in total). Once they even organized a competition where elementary-school pupils in Japan could submit a new design for the ANA Pokémon Jet ’99 aircraft. Over 40,000 works were submitted, but a fourth grader named Shota Sato was the lucky one who won. His artwork was adopted for the airplane and began flying the skies of Japan in June 1999. A great start of your career I would say..


Credits: Shacho0822

The last Pokémon airplane

Slowly but steadily All Nippon Airways brought the Pokémon airplanes back to their makers to be scrapped (getting a little teary-eyed here…). You will still have a small chance of actually flying on the last Pokémon airplane if you book a domestic flight in Japan though. The Peace Jet (see video below) as it’s also called still flies between Tokyo Haneda and Sapporo daily (information from august 2014). Check all the airplanes on the wiki-page.

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