Tokyo christmas lights

Tokyo christmas lights

I often get the question as to when you should travel to Japan: summer, spring, winter, autumn? There is no ‘correct’ answer to that question, since it really doesn’t matter what time of the year you visit Japan. All seasons have their charm, but during winter the cities are beautifully illuminated. 

Credit: Kakidai

Take Tokyo for example. They know how to welcome the holiday season as they light up the streets (even more than usual) with millions of christmas lights. At different places in the city you can visit these winter illuminations, and below I’ve listed a few well-known spots.

tokyo christmas lights meguro river

Credits: 掬茶, 掬茶 & Chemist8103

Tokyo christmas lights

You can visit the illuminations usually from November until February, and most places also keep their illuminations until Valentine’s Day (another reason to go to Tokyo, but that’s for a different post).

tokyo christmas lights shinodome

Credit: Kakidai

Shiodome christmas lights

The Caretta Shiodome hosts a complete ocean of LED lights (at least, that’s what it seems) with multiple christmas trees and a giant blanket of lights. The Shiodome City Center nearby puts on its own illuminations, so there’s more than enough to see when you’re done shopping.

tokyo christmas lights starlight garden

tokyo christmas lights midtown garden

tokyo christmas lights midtown garden

Credits: Kakidai掬茶 & 掬茶

Tokyo Midtown Garden christmas lights

If you’re in Tokyo during Christmas you can’t skip Midtown Garden. Located at the Midtown complex, the Midtown Christmas as it’s called involves multiple illuminated areas. Most populair of all is the Starlight Garden, with multiple illuminated installations and artworks.

tokyo christmas lights roppongi hills

tokyo christmas lights roppongi hills

Credits: Kakidai & Kure

Christmas lights Roppongi Hills

In Roppongi Hills they light up all the trees surrounding the main road, which gives the usually cold street a warm and almost cozy feeling. The lights are often white-blue or orange-red.

Credits: Kakidai

Yesbisu garden christmas lights

Yebisu Garden Place has an annual illumination event called the Baccarat Eternal Lights. There are tons of decorated trees and illuminated areas. The real eye-catcher is the huge crystal chandelier in the glass case you see above.

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