Zauo restaurant – a real fishing restaurant!

Zauo restaurant – a real fishing restaurant!

If I go to Japan, I want to taste the most delicious sushi ever! Not like the convenience stuff I have at home. Ever thought like that? Can’t blame you, I’m the same. But the sushi at this restaurant is so fresh, it’s still alive when you enter the restaurant. And if you want it, you can go and get it yourself, because at Zauo restaurant you can fish for your own sushi! 

Credit: Japanagos

How cool is that? When you enter the restaurant you’ll get to a huge space which has the lay-out of a small harbour. On the walls are entrances to smaller dining areas, and in the middle of it all are one (or two, depending on which restaurant you go to) giant boats, completely made of wood.

Credit: Kyde and Eric

Fishing restaurant

You are brought to one of the boats and to your table, that is on the deck. They have menu cards in English and the staff can speak English as well, so there’s no need to worry about any language barriers. And if you look down you can see all kinds of fish swimming next to you, in a giant pond that’s build around the boats. Oh yeah, does it get any more awesome as this?


Credit: Kyde and Eric

Zauo restaurant

Of course, because they make your meal cheaper, if you can catch your own fish. (and seriously, this is recommended because it can be like 600 yen cheaper). You buy your bait from the staff, and it costs around 100-200 yen (about 0.80 tot 1.80 dollars). The staff will hand you your fishing rod and there you go!

Good to know: if you get a table at the centre of the boat, you can fish from where you’re sitting!

Credits: Kyde and Eric

Sashimi or grilled?

Of course the staff is always near to help you and give you advice, and if you’ve caught a fish they will also put it in a net for you. Well done! Say how you would like your fish and they will make it for you. In the mean time you can sit back and enjoy a few side dishes, like the tuna on rice above.

Take note that the fish you caught is the one you’ll eat. You can’t toss it back, because you’ll put stress on the fish. So be careful to get the one you really want!

Credits: Kyde and Eric

Zauo restaurant locations

If you want to know where to find this cool restaurant; rejoice! There is more than one Zauo. There is one in Shibuya, Tokyo and about a ten-minute walk from Shibuya station. If you’re somewhere else you can check the website of Zauo with all the locations.

Enjoy fishing!

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